Martin Doležal, Individual training lessons

Individual training lessons

For active people ... you want to work hard, health and fitness makes a priority in your life, looking for the effective training and want to find more about the functional movement?

For top athletes ... looking for the functional movement training, health support, prevention from injuries, the all-round conditioning?

Contact me at, we schedule your training and talk the details.

Where? Olymp CSMV, Prague 7.

How? We put together the individual lessons and your home exercise in between. To set the basics we meet once or twice a week during the first couple of weeks, then we continue as you want and need. You start with the basic program for vitality, which makes the bottom line for the everyday 15-minute exercise. Then we progress to much more according to your training goals and capabilities.

How much? 900 Kč per lesson (75 minutes) for the individual, 1200 Kč per lesson for the couple.

Basic program for vitality

A few exercises that manage a lot. Ease to use in any gym training, home exercise, outdoor or during travels. Exercises fast to learn, taking just 15 minutes, little space and elastic ropes.

For the ambitious ...

... the method offers much more than that. The health and conditioning support to heavy strength training, running, combat sports, tenis or ball game sports.

What are we going to make better?

  • Movement quality - movement patterns, posture, breathing, muscle balance, agility, movement perception and control.
  • "Working capacity" - muscle chains active flexibility, strength or stamina.